Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Qualities of Leadership

Although not born in America, Arnold has always strived to attain the "American Dream". As a young boy in Austria, he began to travel on the road to greatness. He knew that with alot of hard word, dedication and determination, he would someday achieve his goal. These three qualities of his leadership would be the core of his overall success.

Arnold's qualities of leadership began to show early in his teens. When he would work out in the gym, other athletes would look up to him due to his determined attitude. This immediate success was an important turning point in his life. He had found respect, honor and attention where he had least expected it. From here on, he had become a natural leader who would be on the forefront of the bodybuilding world for decades to come. Even with his new found role model status, he never lost track of the important things in life, such as family and charities.

Arnold never did forget his Austrian roots. It was in Austria where he had his first disappointments and failures. He respected himself and his family so much that he could only learn from his early mistakes, in athletics and academics, a begin to take his life seriously. The rest is history.

Krasniewicz, L. and Blitz, M. (2006). Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Biography. Greenwood Press: Westport, CT.


  1. Part of Schwarzenegger's appeal lies in his status as an outsider, arriving in Sacramento without the usual baggage of a career in politics. Thanks to his wealth and charisma, he didn't have to do deals to get into office, making him free to act independently once he got there.

    Since then, Arnold has developed a true model of leadership and innovation. He’s not just an intellectual leader. He’s a problem solver with charisma and strong management and communication skills, who surrounds himself with strong, competent people, not least of which is his wife, Maria Shriver. In addition, I believe he’s been molded by the experience of being a Republican in a Democratic state and living with a politically astute Kennedy wife.

  2. Hi Chuck,
    I agree with Erin that Arnold Schwarzenegger thoroughly displays the characteristics necessary for leadership by going against the flow. Being a Republican and a Democratic state probably doesn’t lend itself to the easiest of times for Arnold. A true leader does not conform to others, and both your leader and mine, Sam Walton, have demonstrated the ability to stray from the norm. Every time Sam shared his profits with his associates or passed along savings to the customer, big business critics were quick to point out that Sam would meet failure. Arnold and Sam were both innovators. If they didn’t have the leadership ability to stand up for their ideas, I don’t think they would have become as successful as they did.

  3. I believe that Arnold's ability to communicate his vision has been a key factor in his success. As an actor and a politician he has been able to communicate his vision to the public. I admire his passion for increasing physical activity of children in his state.

    In looking at the leadership qualities we've discussed in class, Arnold fits the role of an analyzer. He is goal oriented, but works slowly and carefully to achieve his goals. He is persistent when he believes in something strongly. Although Walt Disney was a promoter, he does possess some of the characteristics of an analyzer. Schwarzenegger and Disney were both goal oriented when looking to achieve their dreams. This quality has led to the high level of success that both men have found in their lives.